Pamela Vaughan MA, LLP

The Freedom Project

Personal Healing Intensive
February 7th & 8th

The Freedom Project is designed to identify and work through compulsive, self defeating life patterns and pain.  Through out childhood, we adopt patterns of belief and expression from our parents and/or other caretakers that continue to take us into dysfunctional relationships with ourselves and others. (e.g.  if we absorb shame in childhood, we will recreate a shaming self concept, shame others, and/or connect with shaming people and situations)

During the two day intensive there will be an emphasis on healing self defeating patterns, connecting with the source, the sadness and/or anger they cause in the here and now and prevent healthy, adult functioning.  There is a strong focus on developing consciousness and a willingness to take personal responsibility.

Consider coming for your first intensive experience or as a renewal of the work you are presently doing.  Change happens when you are WILLING TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO BECOME FREE.

Contact Pam Vaughan (248-752-1275) for further details or email Pam at Investment is $500.00 all inclusive. ($300.00 for returnees).

All participants can download and print the Freedom Project form below.  Please fill out completely.

The Freedom Project Forms